Performance Plus Windscreen Black

SKU:  ae00-3047
Manufacturer Part #:  WS1BK

Performance Plus Deluxe Black Foam Ball Style Microphone Windscreen (WS-1BK)

Performance Plus lightweight acoustically transparent foam colored windscreens filter unwanted noise without muffling the sound or affecting its clarity. Slip the form fitted ball over your standard round top microphone to reduce unwanted breath and wind noise without affecting the sound quality. It is particularly effective in reducing pops and ticks caused by talking or singing closely into the microphone as well as reducing wind noise when using the microphones in outdoor applications. Protect your mic against wind interference and vocal spittle with a Performance Plus Foam Ball-Type Mic Windscreen. Designed for normal sized handheld mics similar in design to a Shure SM58, these colorful foam windscreens fit most mics. Reduces the occurrence of wind, breath sounds and popping noises plus keeps your mic clean and last longer. Use with all larger Shure "ball-type"; microphones including the SM58, Beta58A, SM48, and the 565SD microphones. Performance Plus foam windscreens do not use Formaldehyde and other harmful components. Available in black, red, orange, yellow and blue or a 5 pack (Model WS-5A)


SKU:  ae00-3047^WS1BK
Manufacturer Part #:  WS1BK
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