Antigua TS4240CN Powerbell Tenor Sax, Classic Nickel Body & Keys

Price: $2,376.50


Antigua TS4240CN Powerbell Tenor Sax, Classic Nickel

This is a Mike's Music and Sound Antigua TS4240CN Tenor Sax. The sax is in mint condition and has only been gently played a few times in our store. We are an authorized Antigua dealer and the sax includes the full Antigua warranty and all the original documentation. Our staff will fully inspect and test the sax before we ship.

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When you step on stage with a Power Bell, you command respect. Professional musicians search for an instrument they can develop a special bond with, one that becomes an extension of themselves. The Antigua Power Bell TS4240 is the horn to fill that role. Contemporary design, premium materials, impeccable craftsmanship and road-worthy reliability team up to make the Power Bell a classic. From the closely guarded processes of annealing the body, the large bell flare, the design of the neck, the size and placement of the body ribs, to the double key arms on the low C, B and Bb keys, no amount of detail is spared in the making of the Power Bell. To cap it off, each Power Bell receives exquisite hand engraving and is available in a variety of beautiful finishes.

Enlarged bell: Large power bell for enhanced projection and richer tone
Double key arms: Double armed low C, B and Bb key arms for added strength, faster action and great feel

    Key : Bb
    Construction : Fully ribbed
    Auxiliary Keys : High F# key
    Thumb Hook : Adjustable (yellow brass)
    Neck Material : Yellow Brass (annealed)
    Body Material : Yellow Brass (annealed)
    Bell : Yellow Brass (annealed); Enlarged bell
    Pads & Resonators : PISONI pads & metal resonators
    Bell Decoration : Hand engraved
    Mouthpiece : 4C
    Finish : Clear lacquered body and keys