Armstrong 800BOF Intermediate Flute Solid Silver Gold Lip Plate

Price: $1,889.00


Armstrong 800BOF Intermediate Flute, Solid Silver Headjoint, Gold Lip Plate

This is a Mike's Music and Sound floor model Armstrong 808BOF. The flute is in mint condition and has only been gently played a few times in our store. We are an authorized Armstrong dealer and the flute includes the full Armstrong warranty and all the original documentation. Our staff will fully inspect and test the flute before we ship.

If you have any questions please feel free to message us.

Built on a foundation of trust, Armstrong has built a reputation of quality and craftsmanship throughout its complete line of flutes. The 800BOF flute offers players the same durability of the student flutes with added tonal color and beauty from the Sterling silver headjoint and body.

- The "Progressive" style headjoint offers players crisp response and ease of playing throughout all registers.
- The Sterling silver headjoint gives players more tonal character and flexibility, and the gold plated lip plate and crown offer additional beauty to the flute.
- The Sterling silver body gives the flute a warmer, darker sound than traditional silver plating.
- Open hole keys provide flutists the ability to play a higher level of music that include techniques such as quarter tones, encourages proper hand position and provides more clarity in tone.
- The offset G key follows the natural contour of flutist's hands and makes playing more comfortable.
- The B footjoint allows flutists to play a broader range of music and makes the 4th octave C speak more clearly when using the gizmo key.
- Top adjusting screws provide ease of repair and adjustment to keys.
- Built in Elkhart, Indiana, the Armstrong 800BOF flute is designed to last and will enhance the playing experience for flutists of all levels.