Antigua AS6200VLQ Pro One Alto Sax, Vintage Lacquer

Price: $3,399.00


This is a Mike's Music and Sound floor model Antigua AS6200 Pro One in Vintage Lacquer. The AS6200 is in mint condition and has only been played a few times in our store. We are an authorized dealer and the saxophone includes the full manufacturer warranty and all the original documentation and packaging. Our staff will fully inspect and test the sax before we ship. If you have any questions please feel free to message us.

“The Antigua Pro-One Saxophone is a leap into the 21st Century.” – Peter Ponzol.

Redesigning a musical instrument is a daunting and delicate challenge. Peter Ponzol has been designing saxophones for more than three decades, in addition to being a well-traveled and experienced player. Very few people have Peter’s understanding of the design principles of the instrument, and the Antigua Pro-One is the ultimate expression of his concepts. As Peter says, “This collaboration finally gets a lifetime of ideas out of my head and into reality. ”

Hybrid Rolled Tone Holes
Rolled tone holes for the bell keys and straight drawn tone holes in all other areas provide a solid core to the sound with balanced resistance for the player.
Patent Pending Trident Key Arms
These revolutionary new key arms add strength and stability, providing lightning quick response to the low B, Bb and C keys.
G# Lifting Mechanism
Say goodbye to the sticky G# pad blues! This simple yet brilliant design lifts the G# pad from the tone hole every time.
Ponzol Neck Design
The heart and soul of the Antigua Pro-One is the Peter Ponzol neck design. The legendary Ponzol P1 neck is free-blowing and perfectly contoured to give you lightning-quick response, evenly balanced resistance, accurate intonation and great tone.

  • KEY: Eb
  • NECK: Ponzol designed
  • BODY: Yellow brass
  • KEY BUTTONS: Mother pearl shell
  • TONE HOLES: Hybrid Rolled Tone Holes (rolled on low Bb, B, C, C# and Eb)
  • KEY ARMS: Trident key arms on Bb, B and C
  • PADS & RESONATORS: PISONI pads & metal resonators
  • THUMB HOOK: Ponzol designed
  • BELL DECORATION: Hand engraved